Glen Abbey United Church

1469 Nottinghill Gate, Oakville, ON (905) 825 5292

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Sunday 10:00 Worship Service

Wondering about Church?Thinking about Glen Abbey United?

Sunday Service

We are open for in-person worship each week on Sunday at 10am.

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If you are not presently giving your offering using PAR (pre-authorized remittance), please consider doing so. You can contact the church office via for information on how to do so.

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Sunday Services

Worship services at Glen Abbey United Church start at 10AM each Sunday morning.

About Us

The United Church of Canada, of which Glen Abbey United is a part, is not a doctrinal church. By that, we mean that there are not a lot of rules, and not a lot of dogma about what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about what you believe.

Thinking About Attending Church?

Are you a person that has wondered what Church is all about, and why people would go there? 

Get Involved

There’s lots to do if you want to get involved in the life of the Church. Outreach, Worship, Choir, Men’s Group are just a few of the possibilities.

Do You Have Children?

We look forward to eventually restarting Sunday School during service. Then, children will start in the Sanctuary with their parents/guardians, are called to meet with Rev. Ted at the front of the church for a few during service.  They then depart for Sunday School which takes place immediately outside of the Sanctuary.

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