Outreach Team

Mandate: Reaching out to help others locally, nationally and internationally

Extending God’s love to care for people 

Using our gifts generously.


Extending Support: The committee works independently and supports others that are coordinating projects that fall under the Outreach Mandate: Prayer Shawls, Sewing Circle, Chair Yoga and Refugees.


The Outreach members are champions; many passionately leading individual projects and rallying others to help. Funding is provided from Glen Abbey United Church, grant funding and the tremendous support from the congregation whenever called upon.

1. The ongoing Outreach commitment is focused on food security:

Food/financial collections coincide with communion Sunday, and are delivered to Fare Share Food Bank Oakville Inc. Thanks to the congregation for your ongoing support to address this need in our community. Please see the work of Fare Share Food Bank Oakville Inc. https://oakvillefoodbank.com

2. Remember/celebrate/connect: 

  • Card Ministry: The Greeting Card Ministry started June 2020 during the pandemic. The Outreach committee wanted to reach everyone particularly those living alone to let them know that the congregation was thinking about them and that we are here to support. Cards are mailed to connect with those celebrating special occasions or as reminder that friends at Glen Abbey United Church are thinking of them. 60 birthday/anniversary and 35 Christmas cards were sent in 2022.

  • Prayer Shawls: This ministry started in 2008. The shawls are knit using the principle of 3’s representing the Trinity.  The concept is to knit God’s love, care and warmth for those in need. Thanks to all dedicated knitters and those who crochet. It is a rewarding experience for the recipient and those making the shawl. Interested in helping? Contact the Church Office for a pattern and wool.

  • Poppies: To adorn our Sanctuary for Remembrance Day, a challenge is issued to knit/crochet 1000 poppies. This year there is a special way to remember those that gave their life so that we can be free.

  • Sewing Circle: Work focussed this year on making quilts for survivors of residential schools. The Sewing Circle relies on dedicated volunteers who help with the various sewing projects throughout the year. Speaker Events are facilitated along the theme of how to better understand our world. The work of the Refugee Committee has been showcased, Marilyn Morley, a residential school survivor told her story and offered a gift to quilt. Recently, Jennifer Potter provided an awareness evening to understand the issue of human trafficking and survivors.

3. Supporting the Vulnerable Outreach communicated opportunities to share ways to get involved to help in our community: Safety net special collections benefit those in need.  Thanks to the congregation for providing gift cards to Hope Place a residential home for men dealing with addictions. Kerr Street Mission (KSM) provides programming and food for those in Oakville. The Outreach Committee makes breakfasts and dinners at Kerr Street Mission. Halton Women’s Place offers emergency shelter services for women and their family. The Outreach team supports this with financial assistance. 

5. To address challenges of isolated seniors: 

      • Chair Yoga is offered Thursday mornings to provide both fellowship and fitness. Yoga in a chair allows a yoga practice without the need to get up and down. It improves flexibility, balance and promotes relation. 

      • Morning events with Delmanor offer organized activities to learn and spend time together. Delmanor is supporting the committee providing food and special prizes. 

      • Special events like Remembrance Day are coordinated by individual Outreach members. The Advent Tea celebrated the Advent season with songs, stories, tea, cookies and conversation. 

      • At Christmastime, members of the Outreach Committee purchase, giftwrap and deliver Christmas bags containing carefully chosen clothing items and toiletries for ten residents at The Waterford, a Chartwell-run long-term care home.

      6. Financial support globally: Roofs for the Roofless in India is a charity that runs comprehensive rural development projects. The Rural College in Chennai offers training and support.  Glen Abbey support specific needs like technology enablement for the nursing classroom. The nursing graduates have no problem getting jobs right after college. 

      7. Refugee Ministry: a sub-committee of Outreach, the Refugee Committee has been active since 2015. Glen Abbey United Church has sponsored or assisted sponsoring five refugee families and financially  assisting Maple Grove with their Afghan settlement initiative. The most recent application is still awaiting government approvals. Funds have been raised to be used for the family support during their first year upon arriving in Canada.