Do You Have 39 seconds?

If you do, I’m Ted Vance, the minister here at Glen Abbey United, and I hope you’ll watch this short welcome video.


So … What is Church All About?


Are you a person that has wondered what Church is all about, and why people would go there?  Do you want to know a bit more?  Have you wondered about why life is the way it is, and have some questions you’d like answered? Have you heard that Church is just a name for a bunch of people that think they know what is best for everyone, and like to stick their noses into everyone’s business? 

The media is full of stories about the world, and it’s also full of stories about Churches that have gained some negative notoriety making noise about what they think is right and wrong.  At Glen Abbey United, we’re not trying to get into the papers, unless we’re helping the community.   

We think Church is a place for seeking answers to questions.  What kind of questions?  Any kind.  Why is the world the way it is, why is your life the way it is?  What exists outside of the world we can see and taste and touch?  Does God exist?  What does God want from you?  

We promise that we want to help you get to an answer to your questions, but we won’t tell you the answers.  We know that we’re all flawed.  All of us.  None of us has all the answers, but we are trying to find them, just like you, with no guilt involved. 

Church is also a family of people who care about you, way more than strangers you would meet in a mall or a grocery store. Friendly folks who might treat you better than the family you grew up in. 

That’s what Church is to us. So we listen to the words of Jesus, and try each week to understand how what He was saying, all those years ago, applies to the world we live in.  We don’t worry too much about the world of 2000 years ago, we worry about the world of today. 

The world that has hunger, and sickness of many kinds, and loneliness, and anguish and pain.  And we believe that Jesus calls us to improve the world.  ‘Whoever did this to the least of these (feed the hungry, clothe the poor) also did it to Me.’ And in doing the work of Jesus, in whatever small or large ways we can, we’ll change the world. 

Come be part of it! 

Sunday Morning at Glen Abbey United

Worship services at Glen Abbey United Church start at 10AM each Sunday morning. People will arrive any time between about 9:30 and 10:00. Please click the button below to find out more details of what to expect on Sunday morning.

What Does Glen Abbey United Believe?

The United Church of Canada, of which Glen Abbey United is a part, is not a doctrinal church. By that, we mean that there are not a lot of rules, and not a lot of dogma about what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about what you believe..