We know that no matter what the circumstances, you are feeling a sense of loss.

For information on memorial services at Glen Abbey or procuring our Minister at your location please call Rev. Ted Vance at 905-515-3317.

Summer Pastoral Emergency (Funeral) Back-up
Hopefully the need for a funeral won’t arise while Rev. Ted is away from Glen Abbey,
however if one does, and he is in the area, he wants to be there for you.
The dates that Rev. Ted will be out of town are:
July 1-11, July 17-19, July 26-28, Aug 4-6, Aug 20-26. Other than those dates, he should be available for you.
Please call 905-515-3317 or email
If you cannot wait until he is back in town, the following Ministers are available:
Rev. Sheila Murray, St. John’s UC, for the month of July only. 905 845-0551 or email her at
Rev. Carolyn Smith, St. Paul’s UC,  cel: 647-808-7082     Not available July 24-Aug 6, and then Aug 14-21
Glenn MacPherson, Palermo UC,  call 905-510-1250  Not Available July 14-31.